How to Monetize Your Prompts with Pickaxe

August 4, 2023

Making Money Moves with Pickaxe

Pickaxe is a way to share your best AI prompts as standalone apps and tools. Creators love embedding AI prompts into their websites and online courses to offer scalable value. But in this economy, everyone is wondering… how can I make money with them? Because Pickaxe easily turns prompts into embeddable AI widgets, Pickaxe is an easy no-code way to monetize AI prompts through third-party sites, such as Squarespace, Notion, MemberSpace, and more!

Create Paid Member-Only Areas

Websites like MemberSpace allow you to create parts of a website that are "member-only" spaces, meaning visitors can only access the page by joining a paid community. MemberSpace is easy to integrate with a number of websites, such as Squarespace and Notion. It's a go-to solution for users who want to partition off parts of their website behind a paywall. No-code solopreneurs have told us about how easy the process is, especially because of the friendly, no code environment.

To learn more about how to effectively monetize Pickaxe, we talked to Kassie Kuehl, an entrepreneur who uses Pickaxe as part of her thriving online businesses such as prompt garden in order to help fellow entrepreneurs promote growth for their ideas and businesses.

How to Create Monetizable Frameworks with Pickaxe

Before you can monetize prompts, you need to consider the following: what about your expertise can you turn into a Pickaxe?

Kassie calls this “productizing your genius”. It has been a great strategy for creating AI tools for lead generation and personalizing her website. By creating Pickaxes based on her expertise in various domains, she's been able to productize her skills in the form of AI content generators. These tools can work for her clients even when she's not around.

For a hands-on example of productizing your genius, check out Kassie's prompt garden, a website full of targeted AI tools behind paywalls. This website was made completely with no-code tools-- from the prompts, to the website, to the paywall system.

Kassie shared about her experience using Pickaxe, and how easy it is to embed Pickaxes into her Notion website, especially as a no code solution! She has successfully monetized her Pickaxes by adding a paywall around the best prompts on her website, allowing members of her Circle community to access resources to learn more about how to accelerate growth in their businesses!

Screenshot of Kassie Kuehl's Growth Garden website
Kassie's Growth Guild website

No-Code Tools for Creating Paywalled Websites

So how do YOU start? Pickaxes can be embedded into Squarespace, Notion, Wix, Webflow, Kajabi, Wordpress, and more! It's really easy. And monetization is as simple as toggling some settings on those websites or using an easy, no-code third party solution like MemberSpace!

Let's take a look at how to monetize your AI prompts on a few of these platforms.

Monetizing on Squarespace

Squarespace is one of the most popular website builders available. And it also offers native ways to add paywalls to your websites.

Squarespace has a variety of plans for your website, depending on what your business needs! You can start with a 14-day trial, and decide how you like the interface and usability.

There are no-code options to build your website, with templates and resources to help build your business! It’s easy to put your Pickaxe into your website, as easy as copy and pasting the code!

To add a Pickaxe to your Squarespace site, just embed it directly into your website. For information on how to add AI to your Squarespace, you can read our step-by-step walkthrough here.

To monetize your Pickaxe on Squarespace, you'll want to create a special Member Area on your website and put your Pickaxe there.

Let's explore how to do that.

Screenshot of Squarespace pricing page

Member Areas on Squarespace

Within your Squarespace site, you can create Member Areas, where people will have to subscribe to your community and/or pay in order to get access to certain parts of your website! Member Areas have a few different packages with monthly prices, depending on how many paywalls you want to set up.

Payment can be a one-time price upfront or a subscription with recurring payment, in addition to the option to make it free in which case users would have to join your community in order to get access! Members Areas show up as a different section in Pages when you are building your website, and you have control over what you want to include!

For more information on how to set up a Member Area on Squarespace, check out this help center article.

While Squarespace has native monetization through Member Areas, there are plenty of third-party options that you can use to monetize any website.

Let's dive into how.

Screenshot of Member Areas in Squarespace UI
Squarespace's Member Areas

Using MemberSpace to Monetize Websites

If you're hosting your website on a platform that doesn't offer native monetization, there are plenty of ways to monetize it. One of the best is MemberSpace, an easy way to create paid membership sites or paid membership sections of a website.

With MemberSpace, you can integrate “members-only access” into your website, given your site is made in one of their compatible platforms, such as Squarespace, Notion, Wix, Webflow, etc. They have a free plan with a wide variety functionality, in addition to a professional plan with more advanced features.

Similar to Squarespace, different structures of payment can be used for users to gain member access to your Memberspace.

Depending on which platform you are integrating MemberSpace into, there will be different instructions in order to Copy and Verify Install. Then, you’re set to start customizing your very own MemberSpace!

A list of all the platforms MemberSpace supports
MemberSpace offers integrations with most major website builders

Accepting Payments Online

For business payments, it is important to be able to accept payments online. One terrific option that can scale along with your business is Stripe. To monetize your pickaxes, we suggest you set up a Stripe account so that members are able to pay you, and you are able to receive payment. Stripe is an easy way to accept payments. Both small and large businesses use Stripe. It's interface is simple and friendly.

Setting Up Stripe

Setting up Stripe is fairly straightforward. Just visit their website and sing up for an account. Not only does Stripe allow how you accept payments, with Stripe you can also make custom payment links for different products or features. You can set prices, creates discounts, and perform all the actions an online store would need to.

Once you connect your bank account information and add business details, one way to receive payments is by creating a shareable link. The interface to the left would appear for the user, where they are able to input their payment information.

Screenshot of Stripe's interface for online payments.

Start Monetizing Your Prompts Today!

Photo of entrepreneur Kassie Kuehl
Kassie Kuehl

Kassie is one of many users who sees Pickaxe as a way of selling access to her expertise and prompts, and “productizing their genius,” as she says.  

If you're curious to learn how to better monetize your prompts and productize your genius, you can check out Kassie's Masterclass on how to productize your expertise with AI, in which  key insights into how solopreneurs can use AI for their online businesses.

Pickaxe's no-code platform is made to be easy and friendly to use for people of all backgrounds, especially those without coding experience!

It's easier than ever to take ideas and turn them into income-generating businesses online with Pickaxe and other no code tools.

Ready to start your own Pickaxe path? Start making money moves with Pickaxes now! The first step is to create a Pickaxe.