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Write the prompt that will power your Pickaxe. Add "User Inputs" wherever you want end users to insert their own values. Watch a tutorial video here.


takes it from here...

When you add a User Input, you are creating a space for people to inject their own words into the prompt. You will tell people how to fill these in on the App Preview section.


File Upload: Drag and drop a .pdf, .txt, .docx, .csv, .xlsx, .json, or .pptx here, or use the 'Upload files' button to select a file to upload.

Website Upload: Paste a URL into the input field and click 'Add page' to upload a webpage to the knowledge base.

Limitation: The maximum knowledge content we will utilize will be based on the tokens available within the Knowledge Base under Advanced Options.


Allow users to upload their own documents to the knowledge base

Image upload will only be enabled if you choose GPT-4o as your model

Web browsing


Image generation


This is the form people will see when they use your prompt. The inputs they enter will become the User Inputs injected into your prompt.

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When you add user inputs, their corresponding
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