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Create your Chatbot

Write a persona for your chatbot in the “Role” box. Test it live in the right panel. You can read a full walkthrough of our chatbot builder here.



The Role, provides instructions for how the chatbot should behave. Describe a job, tone, rules, etc. We suggest some best practices and templates in this walkthrough, but feel free to get creative!

takes it from here...


File Upload: Drag and drop a .pdf, .txt, .docx, .csv, .xlsx, .json, or .pptx here, or use the 'Upload files' button to select a file to upload.

Website Upload: Paste a URL into the input field and click 'Add page' to upload a webpage to the knowledge base.

Limitation: The maximum knowledge content we will utilize will be based on the tokens available within the Knowledge Base under Advanced Options.


Training dialogue is a way to give the chatbot examples of how it should respond. For example, if you give three examples of one word responses, it will reinforce the idea that the chatbot should respond with one word.


Intro message is a pre-set greeting that will appear when a user opens the chatbot.


Allow users to upload their own documents to the knowledge base

Web browsing


Image generation

API Actions (Apply to the closed beta)


The Chat Preview is where you get to test out your chatbot. Whatever directions you type into the Role, Training Dialogue, and Intro Message will appear in the Chat Preview for you to interact with and improve.

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